Número 41 | Cuarto trimestre 2016

Changing to change climate change


The temperature in the Region of Murcia has increased a degree and a half on average during the last three decades, a trend that, according to specialized international organizations, will continue even if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

The growing importance of climate change, as an object of research and interest on the behalf of institutions and administrations, generates many projects and activities.

In 2007, the Region of Murcia created the Regional Climate Change Observatory (ROCB) as an organ of a purely technical nature composed of renowned specialists and with the objective of acting as a permanent body for the collection and analysis of information, the promotion of the creation of an information system, the systematic study of the changes in the various activities and the proposal of specific, applicable solutions, among other aims.

Another of the measures that have been implemented is the obligation to contemplate the effects of climate change in environmental impact and strategic environmental assessment studies, determining the carbon footprint associated with each plan and each project, as well as the establishment of corrective and compensatory measures.

Finally, as has been referred to in the regional budgets, the Strategic Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change, which will be employed as a starting point for the preparation of future climate maps.