Número 41 | Cuarto trimestre 2016

LIFE FOREST CO2. Society and forests towards a low-carbon economy


The mitigation of climate change and adaptation to the same is one of the challenges we face in the twenty-first century. Various measures are being carried out on global, European, national and regional levels to mitigate the problem.

The total forest mass in the Region stores some 3,947,948 tonnes of carbon in the air and root segments, which translates into a reservoir of 14,475,809 tonnes of CO2.

The Region of Murcia has received funding from the LIFE Program for the development of the FOREST CO2 project, which includes the participation of several public and private entities in France and Spain, and whose main objective is to promote the conservation of forests as carbon sinks and sustainable forest management as a tool in mitigating climate change.

Through this project, the emission offsetting methodologies will be analyzed, models for the carbon sequestration rate resulting from sustainable forest management actions will be developed, with the promotion of forest management as a mitigation tool, and the different techniques and methodologies will be published, among other actions.

The Social and Economic Environmental Promotion Department is working to obtain synergies between the different social stakeholders, with the aim of moving towards a low-carbon economy whilst exercising appropriate custody of the mountains and the natural environment of the Region of Murcia.