Número 18 | December 2008

Used oil campaign. For a healthier environment

One of the main causes of pollution of urban waste water, nowadays, are domestic oil residues. Once used, they are generally dumped down the drain to the sewerage system, which represents an attack to the environment.
The growing social concern regarding the recycling of used oil has led to the development, by the former Ministry of Sustainable Development and Land Management, of a campaign to recycle oil throughout the Region of Murcia. Thanks to a new collection system, 40.000 litres of oil have been recollected in more than 600 containers installed, where people can deposit their used oil. This system is pioneer in Europe and was launched by the Ministry in partnership with Favermur and Aert. The oil has previously been stored in plastic bottles, which means that not only the oil but also part of all these bottles are recycled.
In order to facilitate the pouring of oil into the bottle, Cajamurcia has financed the purchase of 100,000 plastic funnels whose screw can be adapted to the standard packaging. These have been distributed by the 43 town halls and businesses supporting the campaign.
During the first five months of this campaign, over 11,500 litres of used oil were collected. It has been reused for the production of biodiesel, a fuel that is obtained by the transesterification of triglycerides. The product is very similar to diesel and can be used form diesel engines in general.
Furthermore, recycled fats and oils offer many applications in the industry, in addition to the economic and environmental benefits. Thus, in agriculture it can be used as compost, in the industry as lubricants, waxes, paints, varnishes, soaps, creams, cosmetic products and distillation.
Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water has published at www.separaryreciclar.com/aceites a list of places where the bottles containing used oil can be disposed.
Presentación de la campaña de aceites usados
Campaña de aceites usados en Alhama de Murcia
Contenedor destinado a la recogida de aceites usados