Número 21 | December 2009

Exhibition 'Darwin and Jiménez de la Espada, parallel lives. Paths to evolution'

Celebrating the second centenary of the Charles Darwin´s birth, the Science and Water Museum of Region of Murcia, in collaboration with the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity General Direction, have organized an exhibition to celebrate the lives of the Cartagena born scientist Jimenez de la Espada, and the English Charles Darwin. Both their contributions to contemporary science were incredibly important.
The exhibition is light-hearted and engaging, organized to introduce visitors in the main similarities in both naturalist´s lives. It starts in the 19th century, a time for big scientific expeditions, discoveries, analyses, hypothesis and theories about life´s origin and its development. The sections of the exhibition are; 1. Exhibits for expeditions: voyage of the Beagle for Darwin and the Scientific Commision to the Pacific organized by Jiménez de la Espada. 2. Exhibits to explain the Theory of Evolution, fossil evidence, anatomic and embryonic evidence, biogeographical evidence, mechanisms of evolution, mutations, natural selection and speciation. Exhibit 3 is the workshop, ‘Darwin with us’. Thought the exhibition, the visitor can immerse themselves in the
adventures that Darwin and Jiménez de la Espada experienced, a trip through the origins of human beings, enjoying terrariums full of species noted for their camouflage, seeing fossils of animals that populated Earth before us, skeletons of mammals belonging to the Vet Faculty of University of Murcia, intriging puzzles, interactive games and videos, South American butter flies, and finally, an impressive and light-hearted opportunity to learn new things through interacting.

Aspecto de la sala dedicada a la evolución
Momento de la inauguración de la exposición
Fósil de Harpactoxanthopsis sp.