Número 21 | December 2009

A new chance. Environmental education in the Centre of fauna recovery 'El Valle'

The centre of fauna recover y ‘El Valle’, managed by the Conservation and Protection Ser vice of the Natural and Biodiversity General Direction was setup in 1984 with the intention of caring for examples of wild fauna affected by the destruction of their habitats by the use of pesticides and poisons, or, the illegal or accidental hunting of protected species. An important enlargement of the infrastructure to reconcile the formative and informative work of vets in the centre was recently opened. The new installations have a reception area and projection room to introduce visitors to the values of the wild fauna of the Region of Murcia, and also it has a external route with different subjects. The aims of this centre are the recover y of the fauna, the environmental education and the research. Most par t of animals that are sent to the centre get healthy quickly and they are send back to their environment. Some others stay there and are used to teach and raise environmental awareness. It is necessary not to forget that animal shown are wild, so visits are reduced to a few visitors per day.

Liberación de un buitre después de su recuperación
Aviario de musculación