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Atropa baetica (tabaco borde) discovered in the Murcia Region

The flora monitoring work undertaken by the Murcia Region's Flora and Fauna Team of environmental agents has enabled the location, in July 2009, of the Atropa baetica Willk species in the Buitre Mountain Range, Moratalla. Due to its rarity and random distribution, this is an emblematic species within the context of the conservation of Iberian flora.
This species is an Ibero-African element, which is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa. A little under 30 populations are known to exist in the Iberian Peninsula. In most cases, the populations consist of a single plant, with the total Spanish population numbering less than 150 specimens.
There is only one known location in Murcia, which is host to what would appear to be a single individual, occupying an area of 6 m2.
As part of the project known as ‘Improvement of interior SCI habitats in the Murcia Region Interior of the region of Murcia LIC habitats', developed by agreement with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MARM) and backed with European Feder funds, 2011 saw work undertaken on the restoration of populations using techniques of benign reintroduction, as determined by the IUCN.
Atropa baetica Willk. es una planta herbácea originaria del centro y sur de la península ibérica y norte de África. Fue descrita por el botánico Heinrich Moritz Willkomm, autor de esta representación gráfica, y publicado en Linnaea 25: 50, en el año 1852.
Atropa baetica. Flor. Foto: Jose Moya Ruiz.JPG
Inflorescencia en Vivero. Foto: Francisco Javier Sanchez Saorin2.jpg