Número 23 | Junio 2010

Cistus heterophyllus. Saved from the abyss

The flora of the Region of Murcia is a European benchmark of biodiversity and endemism, contributing with a wide range of species, to enrich the Mediterranean plant heritage. An example of these is the Cistus heterophyllus carthaginensis, an iberoafrican hybrid whose distribution is scarce and fragmented. This is one of the ecological values that distinguish the Region of Murcia as an important botanical enclave.
The Cistus heterophyllus carthaginensis has been protected for 20 years by national and regional legislation since it has been listed as ‘Endangered Species'. Its wild population is located within the Regional Park ‘Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas y Peña del Águila' and within the Site of Community Importance under the same name.

Explantes de individuos silvestres de jara de Cartagena
Jara de Cartagena
Ejemplar de jara de Cartagena calcinado en 1998
Utilización como planta ornamental