Número 34 | Marzo 2013

Initiatives launched in the Region to combat climate change

The trading of emission rights was regulated by Directive 2003/87, incorporated into domestic law by Law 1/2005 and amended by 13/2010. Only certain industries are required to participate in this system.
In the Murcia Region, whose total emissions were around 10 million tonnes in 2011, the companies which were obliged to participate in the emission trading rights scheme, known as regulated sectors, represent only 40% of the total emissions. The sectors and companies which are not affected by this requirement do not represent 60% of total emissions.
The EU 20-20-20 targets package, approved by the Council and the Parliament and published in 2009, targets a 20% reduction of greenhouse gasses, a 20% reduction in energy consumption and covering 20% of energy needs by renewable sources by 2020. Directive 2009/29/EC, one of the pillars of the energy and climate change legislative package, substantially reforms the European system of emission trading.
To optimize the management of greenhouse gasses (GHG), the Regional Presidential Ministry has signed a collaboration agreement with the Electronic Carbon Dioxide Emission Trading System (SendeCO2).
The Murcia Region has launched many initiatives in the form of voluntary agreements that enable different sectors to communicate their responsibility (carbon footprint and LessCO2 initiative) and reduce emissions (RSCO2 initiative and social pact).
En la Región de Murcia han ido descendiendo las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero desde el año 2008
El nuevo escenario normativo (conocido como tercer periodo de comercio de emisiones) deja, a partir de este año 2013, al conjunto de la Región con una asignación de unos tres millones de toneladas de CO2
Portal de Ecorresponsabilidad de la Región de Murcia
Portal de la iniciativa murciana 'LessCO2'
Portal del sistema electrónico de negociación de derechos de emisión de dióxido de carbono