Número 34 | Marzo 2013

The implementation of the Water Framework Directive in coastal waters in the Murcia Region

The Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 23, 2000) establishes the legal protection framework necessary to ensure adequate protection and conservation and improvement of the aquatic environment as a whole.
As a further step in the water protection strategy, Directive 2008/105/EC on environmental quality standards (EQS) in the field of water policy was adopted. Its purpose is to establish environmental quality standards for priority substances and certain other pollutants in order to obtain a suitable chemical status in groundwaters. Directive 2009/90/EC, which establishes the technical specifications for chemical analysis and the monitoring of water status, was also adopted.
The transposition of these European Directives into Spanish law is materialised in the text of the Water Act. The Directorate General for the Environment is responsible for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in coastal waters in the Murcia Region. The administrative unit that develops this activity is the Environmental Planning and Assessment Service, which is dependent on the General Environmental Quality Department. To do so, it operates a coastal water quality monitoring network in order to comply with the provisions of the WFD. This network is responsible for analyzing coastal waters that receive discharges for the subsequent assessment of their ecological status.
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