Número 3 | November 2004

I want to be volunteer

In the Region of Murcia, it is possible to be an environmental volunteer thanks to the initiatives organized by the Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio and despite the fact the Comunidad Autónoma does not have any legal normative passed yet, although it is in process in the Asamblea Regional.
At the moment, there are ten projects included in the Programa de Voluntariado Ambiental in Espacios Naturales Protegiidos, which are developed in the littoral and the interior zone. They let you from devoting two Saturdays a month to carry out activities in aid of the habitat, till taking part on exchanges with volunteers from others cities, or knowing the Lugares de Interés Comunitario and the Zonas de Especial Protección in the region.
Apart from the benefits that can yield the participation of the citizens in its conservation for the environment, the volunteer´s work has a positive effect in the social development of the human being. It also contributes to stimulate solidarity and responsibility to the environment.
In Spain, the Ley Estatal del Voluntariado was passed in 1996, but before that, in the Comunidad Foral de Navarra there were already laws for the voluntary´s support, which dates from 1983. The most recently legislation was passed by the Comunidad Autónoma de Valencia.
At worldwide level, environmental volunteers were protected by United Nations on 10th January, 2002. At that date, a resolution where some guidelines and recommendations were presented, so that the governments went on supporting Environmental Voluntary was passed in general assembly.
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