Número 3 | November 2004

The environmental complex “Carrascoy y El Valle”

The lung of Murcia is not only a regional heritage of this region. The "Parque Regional El Valle-Carrascoy" also covers the towns of Alhama de Murcia and Fuente Álamo. It is a nature zone with a diversity of landscapes of a great ecological value. The Comunidad Autónoma is aware of it, that is why it is carrying out different projects of conservation and spread of this Parque natural with the collaboration, in one of them, of the city hall of Murcia for the creating of a rural house where you can enjoy this wonder of the nature.
From some years ago, such a remarkable key point took to the Consejería of Medio Ambiente to take a succession of investments in order to improve and create new substructures of step and welcome of visitors. Here, you can find step elements of the Parque as the Centro Comarcal of Agentes Forestales Murcia-El Valle, the Retén of Lucha Contra Incendios Forestales, the Punto of Información of Arboretum or the Centro of Visitantes that, today, is under construction. Others substructures placed here because of its strategic situation are the following ones: the Centro de Transmisiones of the Dirección General of the Medio Natural, the archivo of the Dirección General; and soon the Centro Regional of the Diversidad Biológica of new creation and the Centro of Recuperación of Fauna, that is being extended and redesigned.
Águila calzada
La casa forestal El Valle albergará la sede del Centro Regional para la Biodiversidad de la Región de Murcia
Águila culebrera
Voladero de musculación del Centro de Recuperación y de Interpretación de Fauna Silvestre
Mapa del complejo
Vista del Parque desde el Monasterio de La Luz
Las obras del Centro de Visitantes están en avanzado estado de construcción