Número 3 | November 2004

The Region of Murcia from the space

The use of the new technologies in the conservation of the natural resources is order of the day. La Comunidad Autónoma has jumped on the bandwagon of the remote sensing (technology applied to the observation of the earth). It has acquired, by the general direction of the Medio Natural de la Consejería de Medio Ambiente y Ordenación del Territorio and financed with Europeans funds FEDER, a picture that comes from QickBird Satellite of the whole regional territory, in order to know faster and better all that happens to the landscape of the region of Murcia.
This satellite is capable of taking, just in 4 seconds, a photograph of a strip of land of 16 kms_, something that is very interesting whether we take into consideration that Murcia is an area prone to erosion and desertification. These are phenomena which are characterized by their provisional nature and which force to make a continuous assessment of the situation.
Besides, to obtain images with the satellite will be very useful for the preparation of the cartographic environmental information, that it is so necessary to the writing of studies, projects and reports.
Like that, the characteristics of the pictures from this satellite solve the problems of acquisition of this environmental information quite well. It lets the obtaining of automated cartography form the region´s surface with a high grade of details immediately and in a reliable way and leaving the traditional aerial photographs aside.
The remote sensing that dates from the fifties and was used in the USA with military intentions for the first time, is already putting in practice in so many different fields like town planning, engineering an environment.
Índice de vegetación. Cálculo en el que se obtiene un gradiente de actividad fotosintética. Los valores en rojo muestran baja actividad o ausencia de vegetación, mientras que los valores en verde muestran una alta actividad fotosintética
Imagen color verdadero. San Ginés de la Jara – Los Belones (Cartagena)
Imagen de “El Menjú” (Cieza) tomada por el satélite QuickBird el 3 de agosto de 2003 a las 10’30 AM hora solar
Foto de Lo Pagán tomada con el satélite QuickBird en 2003
Satélite SPOT 5