Número 3 | November 2004

From the rubbish bag for household use to controlled dumps

The waste generated by the human activity and not only that one known as "rubbish bag for household use" have risen in 10 years, from 1987 to 1998.
A long time ago and now, some dumps have been created, placed in strategic zones so as not to bother the population and not to damage the environment. Those dumps have been situated in different places of the region, and some of them have been covered with ecological and environmental criteria, as the Comunidad Autónoma orders.
At the moment, as the planning established by the Comunidad Autónoma orders, the dump in Calasparra is already covered and regenerated; pre-covered the dump of Los Chirrines (Moratalla) and the rest: Cehegín, Cieza, Fortuna, Mazarrón y Moratlla are putting out to contract in order to be covered and regenerated. These initiatives are being carried out with the economical support of the European Union through Fondos de Cohesión y Fondos Feder.
Meanwhile, included in the Plan de Residuos Urbanos and Residuos No-Peligrosos of the region of Murcia, in the latest years, three transference stations have been built (Los Alcázares, Alhama de Murcia y Calasparra). The stations of Mazarrón and Campos del Río are being built joined to the Centro de Tratamiento, Selección y Compostaje (placed in Ulea), which complete the cycle from the rubbish bag in the container till the selection of urban waste for household use is produced.
Chimenea desgasificadora del vertedero sellado de residuos urbanos de Calasparra
Acto de imposición de la primera piedra para proceder al sellado definitivo del vertedero de residuos urbanos de Fortuna
Vertedero sellado con cal