Número 3 | November 2004

Eco-eficiency goes in our Region

The companies and the environment have stopped working separately. Now, it is possible that an agreement may be reached among them thanks to the eco-eficiency and the use of clean technologies. The eco-eficiency is presented like an added value form the company to the costumer or the stockholders which means: to produce being respectful with the environment, to reduce harmful products emissions and pollution, to get a drastic change in the business world based on ecological consumption and other new concepts.
In that difficult line of work, they count on this kind of help: the project of the environmental quality plus the eco-eficiency, which have been set in motion by la Administración Ambiental de la Comunidad Autónoma. They are put in practice with the signing of volunteer agreements and the participation in environmental projects and other sorts of things.
The School of Environmental Quality for Companies and Professionals, the Fair of Quality Ambiental and Ecoeficiencia, and the Networks of Information Centers with their offices and environmental telephones are some of the tools what the businessmen count on getting to pollute as less as possible.
Asistentes a la feria de calidad ambiental
Aprovechamiento de la energía eólica
Instalaciones del CEMACAM de Torre Guil