Número 14 | September 2007

Days identified in the environmental calendar

The General Ministry of Environment of the Region of Murcia plans and puts into operation several awareness and environmental information schemes in many areas of society, from school community to the general population.
One of the most important schemes is the celebration of worldwide days, which are promoted by international organizations, related with environment and preservation of the natural world. The selection of these days brings meeting dates, signing agreements or understandings that have set a changing point in environmental protection actions.
The commemoration of the day starts with the reception of the participants in the visitor centres and information points, where an introductory talk using the interpretative resources of that centre is given. After the talk, guests are offered to take guided routes to discover the richness of the flora and fauna in the natural spaces, especially the protected areas, in the Region of Murcia.
The celebration of these days could be extended for one more week, where informative environmental conferences, playful activities like pottery workshops, theatre, handicrafts with aromatic plants and gymkhanas are planned. The aim of this is to appreciate the resources of the natural environment and will also be supported by environmental documentary films aimed at all age levels.
Some of the most notable days celebrated in the Region of Murcia have been the Volunteer International Day, 5th of December; Sandy Spots International Day, 2nd of February; Forest International Day, 21st of March, European Parks International Day, 24th of May; Environmental International Day, 5th of June and Birds International Day, first weekend of October.
Entrega de premios del concurso 'Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente'
Actividades durante el Día Europeo de los Parques
Representación teatral durante el 'Día Forestal Mundial'