Número 14 | September 2007

A LIFE for the Northwest Area

North West region of Murcia has a 237.900 hectares area distributed in five municipalities; Bullas, Calasparra, Caravaca de la Cruz, Cehegín and Moratalla. It has several mountain ranges, which are between 1.000 and 2.000 metres in height, and where a large part of the forest landscapes of the municipalities and some of the most important forests of the Region of Murcia are located. They also point out areas of meadows, rivers and field of agriculture extension.
In this region, there have been declared ten sites community importance (SCIs), with 33 habitats and species of community interest, and four special protection areas (SPAs). The LICs in this region harbour very different environments; from the high and medium mountain ranges, to rivers courses, rich lowlands and agricultura areas.
With the aim to keep this natural richness in a good conservation state, in January 2004 the project ‘LIFE Nature; An Integral Habitats Management, North West Region of Murcia’ was setup.
The project has as general aim to guarantee the conservation and the recovery of the areas of the municipalities with high ecological value that contain different habitats and species of community significance. This encourages an evolution of the soils compatible with the preservation of the different habitats, and also this is done within a viable socioeconomic frame.
With the purpose to reach the conservation targets, to carry out the original commitments and passing of the management plans of the SCIs in the North West Region, a management plan has been drafted to each SCI based in the work of compilation, stocktaking and ecological evaluation of the species and the kinds of the natural and semi natural habitats.
Paisaje de Moratalla
Comarca del Noroeste
Rincón de Las Cuevas, en el LIC Sierra de La Muela
LIC Río Quípar