Número 40 | Third trimester 2016

"El Monte Arabí" (Mount Arabi), first Natural Monument in the Murcia Region


"El Monte Arabí" is a mountainous elevation, located in the municipality of Yecla, which possesses significant, unique geological formations caused by karstic processes and which have led to its declaration as a Natural Monument. In conjunction with other artistic expressions found in the Mediterranean arc in the Iberian Peninsula, it had previously been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO by virtue of its cave paintings. It has also been declared as "Bien de Interés Cultural" (Heritage of Cultural Interest), within the category of Archaeological Zone.
Man has always maintained a special relationship with this mountain: ancient people performed rituals in its caves, an activity that has survived to this day, lending the mount certain mystical characteristics.
Apart from the uniqueness, rarity and beauty of its geology and its archaeological values, "El Monte Arabí" is host to a great diversity of flora and fauna. All these values can be appreciated by following a simple circular hiking route through the area.